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Do You Have Technical Issues with Zoho?

Owing to its automatic mail retrieval, easily accessible inbox, fast email forwarding, view folder option, hassle-free email composes, and quick attachment, we all are addicted to Zoho email client. It has a simple interface which can be used in laptops, desktops, or in iOS devices without many hassles. We even can face the technical challenges with the range of assistance catered by Zoho Mail Customer Service.

How to Deal with Zoho Mail if Spam Email Found?

Spam emails are irritating when they come in the form of promotional mail and product updates. Modern day spammers use a special type of applications which make their job easier. If you are willing to make the distance, you are supposed to click [Mark as Spam] link. If you have activated it, there is less chance for you to get the spam emails in the spam folder.

How to Configure a Zoho Mail with POP3?

Well supported by Zoho email client, the post office protocol helps you in retrieving emails. It is used for accessing email on a remote web server from a local client. If your email account is not configured properly, you are likely to face unwanted messaging issues. The link,, is going to help you in this regard. To cope with the configuration difficulties, you are suggested to get in touch with Zoho technical experts. It is even helpful for you if your point if I forgot my Zoho Mail password or I want to forward the Zoho mails.

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail (as IMAP) in iPhone/iPad?

  1. Download the Zoho Mail App
  2. It will automatically synchronize the Calendars and Contacts
  3. Make your account login and access the [Settings] window
  4. It will allow you to turn the IMAP Access on
  5. The selection of [Mail, Contacts and Calendar] comes next
  6. You are now recommended to click on the [Add Account] button
  7. Provide your name, email address, account password, and account description
  8. Also, provide the Application Specific Password
  9. Go to the [Incoming Mail Server] section and enter []
  10. Enter your Zoho email address and Zoho password

How Can I Get Help from Zoho Mail Customer Support?

With the aid of well-established infrastructural set up and years of experience, Zoho Customer Service is pioneer on delivering premium class support services to its worldwide followers. It is instrumental in providing well-researched services which are made available for twenty-four hours; the helpline has kept the quality enhancement as its top priorities. It is consistently providing the solutions for the top-rated issues.

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To fulfill the promise of 24 hours availability, the best set of technical minds has been elected at this customer support. Zoho mail Customer Service and Technical Support Number officials are incredibly talented and effortlessly helpful. With the aim the assist the email account users, this team is willingly fragmented into separate departments which are dedicatedly working in a friendly work environment.