What Is The Procedure To Set Up SBC Global Email On Your Iphone?

  1. First of all, you are required to click on the option which is labeled as “Settings” located in the home screen of iPhone to open the settings menu.
  2. In the next step you have to click on the “mail, contacts, and calendars” option.
  3. After clicking on this option you are supposed to click on the option of “Accounts”.
  4. Now you have to tick on the button of “Add account”.
  5. As you click on this option a number of account types shows on your screen.
  6. You are required to click on the tab of “Other” and choose the button of “Add mail account”.
  7. When you click on this button a new account form displays on your screen.
  8. Enter the required information into the specified areas.
  9. You have to enter your name into the first given field.
  10. Type your SBC global email id and password into the next fields.
  11. Now click on the option of “Next” to proceed further.
  12. Click on the option of “Pop” at the top corner of the screen.
  13. You are required to enter the provided domain name into the host name section in the incoming mail server area: inbound.att.net
  14. You need to enter the SBC global address in the user name field and password into the next field and then click on” Next” button in order to display the incoming mail server form.
  15. You are required to enter the given domain name in the host name area in the outgoing mail server part:outbound.att.net
  16. Enter your SBC email id and password into the specified fields.
  17. At last, you need to hit a click on the button of “Save” on completion of process and receive and send emails from your SBC global account.

How to Reset SBCGlobal Password

SBCGLOBAL is a leading email service provider in the world. While using Sbcglobal email service there are some common issues, which are faced by users. You need to have correct combination of username and password in order to access your Sbcglobal account. Sometimes users forget their password or they need to reset it for security reasons. Here we will discuss some password related Sbcglobal Helpline Number email issues like how to Change Your SBCglobal Email Password, how to recover sbcglobal email password etc.

How to Change Your SBCglobal Email Password or reset password?

  • First go to Yahoo Att.net login page for Sbcglobal email
  • On the sign in page, click forgot password button which is under the space provided for entry of the password
  • Then just fill all the required information to reset the password.

You can change or reset your Sbcglobal password Recovery Number even you remember it and sign in your email account. Once you sign in with your current username and password, you will see an icon at extreme right corner. Click Setting option from drop down menu. Go to the Accounts button and then click on Change Your Password. Now you need to add your old password and new password and confirm.

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